Legal Conditions

In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) the identifying details of the company are set out below:

Company name: Inmuebles e Inversiones La Pobla, SL
Registered address: Calle Hernán Cortés, No. 7, 1, 46185 La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 96 104 62 74
CIF: B98340003



To perform activities with our company, you will be subject to these legal conditions and clauses with corresponding legal effects. It is advisable to have read since it is mandatory to accept them before booking.

The reservation will be confirmed having read and accepted. SEGWAY TRIP VALENCIA also agrees to notify the general conditions by publishing it on the web page before booking. Failure to comply with these considerations, rules and clauses can provide the suspension of the activity.

SEGWAY TRIP VALENCIA compulsory insurance has to perform sporting activities in accordance with established law. These insurances are available to customers on demand as long as the conditions and terms set forth herein are met. These insurances are only and only for the activities of the company and will not be responsible nor render such insurance for actions or accidents outside the company and its activities.
It is advisable that the participant obtained in their country of origin the EHIC to be assisted by the Spanish Social Security in case of accidents or incidents that may occur outside the activities contracted with SEGWAY TRIP VALENCIA

If the cause of the accident was due to weather reasons, lack of customer care, lack of fitness client, customer diseases etc., the company will not be responsible.


The authority and professionalism of the guides never be disputed by any customer, or questioned their ability to make decisions affecting the client or group. In any case disrespect to the guide, other customers, or people from other groups who are doing the activity they are accepted.


- Uninsurable people are excluded collective accident insurance.

He must communicate in advance (before arrival of the group) to the organizer TRIP SEGWAY VALENCIA if any participants require specific medication or has any health risks that may affect the normal development of the program.

-The Client admits to not having physical, mental disease or any problems before the activity. If you suffer from any illness, disease, previous injury, taking medication or pregnancy, is obliged to inform the company, to assess their ability to do the activity, provide performances or reject the conduct of the activity

the company will be responsible for illnesses or injuries prior to the activity -Never

-The Client admits he has not consumed narcotic drugs or alcohol and be physically fit. 'In case the customer by choice, lack of activity, not having enough physical shape or may not be in optimal conditions for the development of the activity, will be excluded from the activity, and NO MONEY IN NO EVENT IS RETURNED , such activity.


The customer accepts the rules of behavior and prohibitions of different regulations in the various natural areas where activities are performed. Similarly accept the measures taken by the guide in various activities concerning environmental conservation that develop (natural environment, rural, etc.)
Some of the rules and measures taken for environmental conservation are: No littering, or organic residues both the urban and natural environments, going along the paths and roads, not take plants, animals or rocks in river of no sporting interest river walk out if possible, do not disturb or shout absurdly nesting areas of birds, not to scratch or paint on the walls, rocks, information panels etc., do not break, scratch or damage furniture or signs, no blurting group, do not smoke or talk on the phone, other more special behavior standards will be identified by the guide in every situation.


The material of the company is reviewed before each activity and in perfect condition. So from the time of delivery until its return, the customer is responsible for this debiéndolo returned in perfect condition.
In case of loss or damage from misuse of the material payment shall be required. The activity is done with safety helmet; the company will provide one, but if you wish you can bring yours if it is approved.
SEGWAY TRIP VALENCIA not be liable for loss or damage of objects that carry customer activity.

To carry out the activity, the customer uses his personal vehicle. SEGWAY TRIP VALENCIA no licenses or permits for the transport of people, so if transported these customers would be out of all responsibility and coverage of the company.

The company will not be liable or responsible for accidents, incidents that customers may have with their vehicles both outward journey, parking and around the activity. Having stayed at a point and time for the activity and a possible delay before the customer has to give notice as soon as possible. If the delay is not justified and warned the company reserves the right to leave the meeting point and in no case will return the money from the contracted activity.


The SEGWAY TRIP VALENCIA organizer reserves the right to change all or part of the program due to weather, meteorological and / or hydrological adverse issues.


In order to meet quickly and correct customer complaints, they should be made to complete the activity.

SEGWAY TRIP VALENCIA through its section on the Web "customer" has a space where it receives complaints and grievances personally and makes available to the client his book claims.


To make a reservation and guarantee activity contracted SEGWAY TRIP VALENCIA has a management service ON-LINE THROUGH ITS WEBSITE.

The amount payable will be held at the meeting point and always before the activity, cash or credit / debit card.
At the time of booking is required to fill the information fields (personal, identification and contact data, etc.) for the entry into force of insurance upon the activity. The mere fact book implies full acceptance of the general conditions of use and individuals.


All Contracting admit to being older. Should be less, always you have to be authorized by their parents, guardians or legal representative, who for all purposes will be responsible for minors. This authorization will be reflected in the document SEGWAY TRIP VALENCIA submitted for signature at the beginning of the activity.


If the client voluntarily, lack of fitness, due to lack of activity, not in optimal conditions for their development, not having the essential personal material (like right shoes), or follow the CONDITIONS TO BE NOTE by the company, and admitted to read and accept, decide not to do the activity or not you are allowed to do it for safety, in no event will return the money.


If you have to stop the activity and can not be replaced by another of similar nature, for extreme cases of bad weather, bad weather, adverse hydraulic flows or motivated by safety, it will be returned to the customer 75% of the cost of activity, the remaining 25% is payable in respect of expenditure management, organization and salary guide. Cancellations with more than 72 hours of cancellation will be refunded the full amount.


He must be in good physical condition and have knowledge of the activity to be undertaken.
-The ACTIVITY shoes must be comfortable shoes, sport or boots with slip-resistant soles.
-For The realization of the activity, use comfortable clothes, warm clothes, raincoat, gloves, hat etc.

He must protect themselves from the sun's rays with sunscreen.

'There is minimum age for the activities, you must be between weighing not more than 110 kg and not less than 40 kg in all cases, the guide will be that of their approval, according to the physical, psychic and child the activity to be undertaken prior authorization of the parent or responsible that will have to perform the activity and accompany the child.

It was not the start of the tour will proceed until all participants have developed the basic skills to perform safely ROUTE


Segway insurance does not include coverage for the following items: segway collision damage, theft, vandalism, theft of personal items, death or damage to the user.


Procedures SEGWAY TRIP VALENCIA state that the vehicle will be checked at the time of rental and return the same to identify any damage and determine responsibility.

When the user picks up his segway, Agent SEGWAY TRIP VALENCIA should check the vehicle and note on the lease any damage you have identified.

When the user returns the vehicle must be re-reviewed and compared the damage with the list of exit. If the input list damages that were not in the output, these damages will be borne by the user appear.

In case of damage to the vehicle or accident, the user is required to complete an accident report is responsible or not, with or without identification of a third person and must, by no later than 14 days, the Department of Insurance our headquarters in Valencia.


Data hosting is hosted on OVH servers, ensuring quality, service and the latest technical advances in hosting its users. The company strictly complies with privacy policies to be adhered to "Safe Harbor" standards. These principles were agreed in Decision 2000/520 / EC; which regulates adequate levels of data protection for all kinds of online marketing.

Consent to the processing of data

The user to subscribe to the blog, allows the use of data under Article 6 of the Organic Law on Data Protection. report (via online mail) newsletters, promotions, offers, etc... All data provided for these activities will be archived for use only for communication purposes.

User rights

According to Article 5 LOPD, the sole purpose of the user base is information; and never these data can be transferred, shared, sold or transferred to third parties.

You always have access to your data to correct, cancel or oppose them as provided for in the Act.

Intellectual property and use of contents

All the contents of the web have express permission of their authors, or default license for use. This include logos, text, graphics, etc ...

If an unauthorized use of these contents occurred, it would be considered a serious breach by the provider. Through the web, you can report any kind of attack on copyright.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Spanish legislation will be the framework for action in all matters relating to this website, which will resolve any discrepancies on its operation.


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